Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Hello Peeps,

Lookit all them Troops! Copies and copies and copies and copies, I tells ya! They're all sitting pretty in the front offices of big ole publisher, Simon and Schuster, in Neeeew York City!

They look mighty purty to me—I'm sure they do to you, too. So why not steal one? Just head down to the Simon and Shuster headquarters and ask for one real nicelike. It'd be Got-damned greedy of them not to hand one over, wouldn't ya say? Them having so many copies, and you havin' traveled all that way? So if'n they don't give it t'ya, just smash that weak ole winda-glass and go on steal y'self one or two! It's easy and fun. I'm pretty sure I gets my royalties either way, so why not just take what ya like?

Or are you chicken-gutted? Is that it?

I thought so.


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